Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers

At what age can a baby's ears be pierced?

The recommended age is the age parents are comfortable with. For me, it’s a matter of earlobe size. Several countries pierce at birth. Here in Quebec the urban legend says that it is 3 months. ☺️

It really is up to you. I often pierce babies a few weeks old or even a few days old. It depends on cultures, customs, on you. We don’t judge your choice, as long as the earlobe is big enough. If you have any doubts about the size of your baby’s earlobes, you can privately send me a photo with your thumb next to it for reference.

In conclusion, the younger they are at the time of piercing, the sooner they get used to wearing earrings, and the less likely they are to play with them. 😊

Know that we pierce adults too. 😁

After how long can you change jewelry ?

To ensure full recovery from the piercing, it is recommended to wait 6 weeks before changing jewelry.  

What is the quality of the jewelry material ?

All jewelry is 14k gold, white or yellow, depending on your choice. They are FDA and HEALTH CANADA approved and are sealed in cartridges individually sterilized by three different companies. A fourth company ensures that the sterilization process meets the highest standards.

Do you pierce with a punch or a needle ?

My device is the most innovative instrument that benefits from advanced and patented technology.

Our jewelry is sealed and sterilized in disposable cartridges, FDA and Health Canada approved.

My device is a springless tool that optimizes the piercing process gently in the earlobe with our specifically designed jewelry sharp enough to pierce without tearing tissue, and without bursting blood vessels.

Healing is optimal, no swelling, no blood or side effects. The “no touch” ear piercing process highlights safety, hygiene and ease of use.

What are the risks of earlobe infections?

The risk of infection is practically zero since the jewelry is sterilized and made of pure materials. But when changing jewelry, however, there could be a risk of infection due to one of the following factors: the tip of the new jewelry is scratched, the material of the new jewelry is involved, or it may be how you insert the jewelry into the earlobe. If this is the case, YOU MUST NOT REMOVE THE JEWELRY, instead apply an antibiotic cream, such as Polysporin (cream format) to the wound once a day, until complete healing.
Tip: To facilitate the insertion of the new jewel in the earlobe, dip the tip of the jewel in Polysporin cream, or in ointment.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary between $135 and $185 plus tx, depending on the choice of jewelry.  Anesthesia and piercing are INCLUDED in the price. A second pair of spare earrings is available for $85 or $90.

What care is needed after piercing ?

Even though there are hardly any side effects and there is no swelling after the piercing, because it is done very gently, here are the steps to follow for maintenance after piercing:

In a cup of boiled water, dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Keep in the fridge.
Soak a cotton swab in this water well, then place a good drop in front and another behind the earring, then turn the jewelry on itself. NEVER REMOVE THE JEWELRY TO CLEAN THE EAR!
Repeat cleaning once a day for 7-10 days. Discard the water every 2 days.
Wait at least 6 weeks before changing the earring.
An after-piercing lotion is also available on site for $ 10 taxes included.

Ps: Your child will not have a fever after the piercing.

Is the numbing cream really effective against pain?

The numbing cream I use for the earlobes is the best on the market and has been proven to work for thousands over 24 years! On the other hand, just as some people need 6 punctures at the dentist to freeze, and just as some moms don’t freeze with the epidural, some babies do not freeze with the cream. That’s life. Unfortunately, we can’t control everything and I don’t have a crystal ball to know who is freezing and who is not in advance. 😆😆😆

How to make an appointment?

You can book your appointment on our reservation page, BabyWoW by Sylvie Aylestock, by clicking here.
If an event is already full, ask us to add your name to our waiting list, and we will notify you as soon as a spot becomes available for the date in question.

How to cancel an appointment?

To cancel an appointment, you can notify us via the Contact page of our site, or email us at Thank you!

Can I come accompanied during my appointment?

Unless there are government restrictions, yes absolutely. Note that we cannot guarantee a seat for all accompanying persons.

Where are you located?

We travel to several cities. All locations and dates of our upcoming piercing events are posted on our events page at the following link:

You can also go directly to our Reservation Page:

** Your city is not in the list of our events? Do not hesitate to contact us if you know a boutique or a store in your area that might be interested in welcoming us! 😊

Can i bring my own jewelry?

The device I use is not a punch but a springless tool that optimizes the jewel’s penetration into the earlobe very gently. The jewelry I pierce with is specifically designed for this device. So I cannot use any other jewelry for this purpose. I have what is needed with me at all times for every piercing event.

If you later wish to change the earrings and use your own, it will be best to wait at least 6 weeks to ensure the full recovery of the piercing. 😊

What if my child doesn't want to get pierced?

When you bring your child to us for an ear piercing, and you know that she is in a phase of her life where she does not like strangers, and that even mom or dad cannot contain her when approached, it would be greatly appreciated if you waited for this “phase” to pass before attempting to come and have her ears pierced.
We do not know all the factors that can cause this behavior. It may be related to repeated visits to the doctor following repetitive ear infections or other cases. It may be that teething is too painful, or it may simply be a character trait, or simply a bad day…
Briefly…. what I mean is that we will NEVER tie your child to pierce her ears!! If she is screaming at the thought of being approached to apply the numbing cream, we reserve the right to refuse to pierce her ears. We want your experience with us to remain pleasant and that after your visit, everyone will be happy.
There are some cities where our Events take place in closed rooms, but more often, we are right in the center of the shops, and when this kind of episode of crisis occurs, some little girls who are already anxious at the idea that their turn is coming, sometimes want to run away!
These moments have been experienced too often.
For these reasons, a $20 fee will be required for any cancellation when we cannot approach your child.
The numbing cream is not free, as you know, and that also implies that someone else could have had your appointment spot on the day…
Thank you for your understanding. 🙏🏽

The seats are limited !