Ear piercing without pain for babies/children/parents.

All our jewelries are 14-karat gold.
Yellow or white gold according to your choice.
Among the choices, we have pearls, flowers, butterflies, zircons, the colors of the 12 months of the year and rings at $ 125 (piercing, anesthesia and taxes included).
We also have 3 point diamonds in yellow or white gold, at $ 175 all inclusive.

by sylvie aylestock

Ear piercing without pain

Welcome to BabyWoW

BabyWoW specializes in different enterprises such as Family Spaces for Parents/Children, such as “Espace Urbain Parents Gamins” in St-Jerome (where I started my enterprise), “Espace Famille Koala” in Chambly, or “La Brigade Familiale” in Old Longueuil. I also work with a few shops such as “Mère Hélène” in St-Hubert (in a closed room), as well as the Boutique “Câlins et Popotins” on Beaubien street in Montreal, or at the “Alice Buchanan Boutique” in Rosemère, to name just a few.

All our jewels

The jewelries are sterilized and approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Gift Certificates!

Offer a gift certificate for your family and loved ones.


Make your appointment as soon as possible, places are limited.

A word from our customers!

The places are limited!


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