Ear piercing without pain for babies/children/parents.

All of our jewelry is 14-karat gold.
Among the choices, we have pearls, flowers, butterflies, zircons, the colors of the 12 months of the year and rings at $ 130 and "best sellers" at $ 140 (piercing, anesthesia and taxes included).
We even have 3 point diamonds in yellow or white gold, at $ 180 all inclusive.

by sylvie aylestock

Ear piercing without pain

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BabyWoW specializes in different enterprises such as Family Spaces for Parents/Children, such as “Espace Urbain Parents Gamins” in St-Jerome (where I started my enterprise), “Espace Famille Koala” in Chambly, or “La Brigade Familiale” in Old Longueuil. I also work with a few shops such as “Mère Hélène” in St-Hubert (in a closed room), as well as the Boutique “Câlins et Popotins” on Beaubien street in Montreal, or at the “Alice Buchanan Boutique” in Rosemère, to name just a few.

All our jewels

The jewelries are sterilized and approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

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